Charlie Taylor


About me

I am Charlie Taylor and I grew up on the edge of a cliff in North Devon, England. My father was a coastguard. My very first experience with photography was in a dark room at secondary school. I was amazed to watch as the page slowly filled up with the image as the chemicals reacted with the negative, and then hanging them up to dry waiting for the magic to happen.

I recall a time, when at the age of 14 I sat on the end of a beach waiting for a shot that I had in my mind. I spent a couple of hours waiting, much to the annoyance of my parents, but I did get my shot and it spent many years travelling around the world with me as did a camera.

I worked for many years overseas in the oil and gas industry and travelling the world in my spare time. I have been to many different countries, experiencing and seeing hardship and kindness side by side. Some amazing experiences which changed the way I look at the world.

I decided to give up travelling, as I wanted to do something creative, and for myself. Photography was the obvious choice. So I embarked on a course, went on many workshops, studied for some time with the Royal Photographic Society study group and, as I did, my photography improved greatly and I realized that I had found my true passion.

Polly and Oscar

When I am not behind my camera, you may find me gardening, which helps to feed my interest in macro photography. My two cats, Polly and Oscar often “help”. Cycling is something I enjoy greatly and because of my love of the sea you will often find me walking on the beach. Sometimes, without my camera. I think it’s important to view the beauty of nature in it’s purest form.

I love to find an unusual perspective to take images from, it changes the way you look at things and objects. I aim to bring that into my photography.